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Conservation and Furniture Design by Andre Daniel

My career as a craftsman began as a classic boat builder and over the years timber has continued to be a big part of my livelihood and my own business.  Ironically I find myself a bit of a tree hugger, so to speak!  Not only do I work with wood, but also live in a secluded and idyllic place in the heart of local woodland with Kathryn and Jasper the dog, a great place for inspiration.
I try use imagination in all my designs, most of what you’ll see on the website is made by myself with a little help from Jasper.

Jasper the showroom dog

All of the timber that I use is English grown and sourced by long established English businesses whose knowledge and care for forests (including the careful selection of its timber) span decades, and in many cases, centuries.  It is in their interests to maintain a sustainable future for generations to come.

So, what can we do? 
Ask the right questions.
Where did the timber come from?
From which saw mill was it sourced?
How sustainable is the woodland and timber used?
Was it felled and sourced in Britain?

Sustainable timber

I firmly believe that if we take from the land then we should replace with similar, so as to maintain resources for the next generation.  This can be done in many ways, and can actually be good fun!

Volunteer for a day with your local tree planting schemes, join the woodland trust or even plant your own tree if you have the space.  Even a leisurely and peaceful walk in your local woodland so that the beauty and unique nature of these places can be appreciated and valued.

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